High Resolution Displays

I thought it might be useful to post this here after my previous post banging on about high resolution monitors/displays. It has been proven that larger monitors and higher resolution displays do in fact increase productivity. Apple were behind a study commissioned to evaluate their 30-inch Apple Cinema Display which concluded that large screens can offer gains of up to 50 per cent to 65 per cent in productivity on a variety of specific office tasks and can earn back their extra costs in time savings over several years. Other experts  have argued that those conclusions are wrong, that the productivity improvement estimates are too high and that using two monitors side by side would likely be a better productivity booster than one larger monitor. Well, as I use a laptop as my primary workstation at home mainly due to our small flat and lack of space, sadly dual monitors are not an option for me, although I do make good use of dual WUXGA monitors at work. While I would certainly agree two physical monitors are better than one, I do tend to make good use of virtual desktops under linux on my laptop at home  as a compromise. This way I benefit from the extra desktop real estate without having to compromise physical space that the extra monitors would take up. That being said if I did have the physical space and money available I would without hesitation invest in a dual WQXGA monitor setup.

Below is a useful image comparing graphic resolution and the resolution productivity report commissioned by Apple.

Resolution Productivity Report

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