Whilst researching the best rack to get for my home computer lab, I was overwhelmed with the choice of all the different brands makes and models available. Initially I was inclined towards getting a Skeletek Rack, but the more I researched the more I wanted something bigger and better with lockable doors; then integrated cable management became a requirement and shortly afterwards noise cancelling become a necessity too. By the time I had finished my research the rack I wanted to buy would’ve cost me over a grand. -That’s more than the combined total of all the hardware I own.

I realised it was time for a reality check and that’s when I stumbled across this:
The Ikea LackRack

Ikea of all places had the perfect solution to fit my budget. As it turns out one of the tables in Ikea’s furniture range, specifically the ‘Lack’ furniture range, just so happens to be a perfect fit for your standard 19″ rack mount servers/routers/switches/misc IT equipment with no modifications necessary. It seemed almost too good to be true, my new rack cost me a whole £30. RESULT!

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