Installation of a 2nd ADSL line

Last week on Friday the 18th November I had a visit from BT to install a 2nd line into my home/loft/mancave for the homecomputerlab. It turned out to be a tricky install for the engineers after running into a number of problems including: insufficient line plant, previous cable routes/runs being paved over, an old telephone poll last checked prior to 1998, hoist availability, good old health and safety regulations and of course the fact that is was late on a Friday afternoon. But I was determined to get my new line installed for the weekend. After a few rounds of tea and a bribe of lunch from the local kebab shop for the engineer who had initially turned up on site, ‘a few phone calls were made’ and I soon had half of BT descend upon my flat to get my line installed! There was one engineer down a manhole in the road, another engineer at the local exchange/junction box, one up in the loft installing the actual socket and another engineer with a crane/hoist provisioning a new line from the telephone pole. Things were happening fast and my opinion of BT was forever changed! I just hope I never have to call for support but that’s a different story! Needless to say my new line was installed in record time for a Friday afternoon and ready to rock for the weekend.

Initial tests show 16MB down and 1.5MB up


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