My Desktop

I thought I’d quickly post this screenshot of my laptops desktop, mainly just to see how wordpress displays it on the website. I guess at a later date I could also upload and explain some of the scripts I use for the various monitoring apps on my desktop… That’s 1920×1200 of resolution goodness btw.. -I have become spoilt and a bit of a resolution snob since acquiring my laptop which is also my primary desktop machine in 2007. Now I would hate to go any lower than WUXGA on my primary workstation and to be honest I don’t think 1080p would even cut it for me now.. I do tend to use every pixel of the vertical display resolution and it’s funny but you really do notice those few extra pixels missing when switching between WUXGA and HD 1080p. Like any woman will tell you, those few extra mm do make all the difference. Now I just wish there were laptops out there capable of WQXGA!

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