Time for a new distro

I have become complacent using Ubuntu/Debian as my main OS on my primary Workstation. So mainly for that reason, but also the fact that Unity, while I can see the potential and the benefits of it for devices like netbooks, tablets and touch screen devices, it’s just not working for me as my primary Desktop Environment. I will be P2V’ing my current laptop config for just in case and installing Fedora Core 16 from scratch to give it a go. It was a toss up between Suse and Fedora. On the one hand I noticed that ESXi 5 is based on Suse so was initially inclined towards installing Suse, but a few friends and peers convinced me to give Fedora ago and as they have just released FC16 I decided I’d be giving that a go instead.

Below is a screenshot of my current Ubuntu 10.04 desktop which I will be overhauling over the next few days/week ends.


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  1. What is that ping online/offline monitor utility you have on the left of your desktop? Does it work in Unity too? I’ve been searching for something which does exactly that (just up or down for a list of nodes) for a while, and only finding more complicated charting ones. Thanks.