Well, this year Christmas has come early for me, I recently bought a new server from ebay which I have just gotten around to racking up in the homecomputerlab today.

It’s another ITX form factor server based on the VIA-EPIA chipset which I am now well familiar with. This particular model however, is the VIA-EPIA PD Series which comes with 2x FastEthernet NIC’s and 4x Serial COM ports which when combined with its low noise and low power consumtion, makes it the perfect platform to deploy as an opensource firewall/proxy/content filter server as well as a console server for my Cisco Lab.

I have played with both pfSense and Untangle as virtual machines in a sandbox environment in the past, but I am looking forward to seeing how they perform on the VIA-EPIA baremetal hardware and also in a real world environment. Something else that I’ve had a look into and would be interested in playing with is a dual vendor Firewall DMZ, but that will have to come later, baby steps first :)


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