The Web Server (Hardware)

So to host a website you need a webserver right? Sure there’s plenty of virtual hosting sites on the internet that take care of all of that for you, but if you’re like me, or maybe a little old school and want to manage every aspect of your web presence, or perhaps you just don’t like the idea of uploading all your personal files onto somebody else’s hardware, then hosting your own physical webserver is the way to go. Since I host my webserver in my own home which runs 24×7, the two most important things to me when buying my server were a) a silent passively cooled server, not annoy me or my other half and b) a low power server which will be cheap to run. It always comes down to cost in the end.. I was lucky enough to find a VIA EPIA5000 server on ebay for £40 which ticked both these boxes. The machine sits upstairs in my loft and with the exception of the ultra quiet psu & hard drive which you really have to strain yourself to hear is completely silent. On the power side of things the VIA C3 Samuel2 core processor is extremely energy efficient and surprisingly snappy too and uses just 5W of power under normal load at about 32C. -That’s less power than an energy saving light bulb! Below is a photo of the machine in its rack mount case and a look under the hood. The one thing I might still do is swap the 3.5inch drive for a lower energy 2.5inch laptop drive, but otherwise I’m fairly chuffed with it.

System specs are as follows:
VIA EPIA5000 Rev. E motherboard
VIA C3 @ 533Mhz CPU (Samuel2 Core)
512MB PC133 CL3 RAM
40GB 5400rmp IDE HDD

VIA EPIA5000 Datasheet

VIA EPIA5000 Manual

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